About the Institute for Doctoral Studies

The Institute for Doctoral Studies at Babeş-Bolyai University was founded through the Decision of the Senate of Babeş-Bolyai University on May 1, 2006. It is an autonomous institution subordinated to the Senate of Babeş-Bolyai University. Its goal is to coordinate all the activities within the cycle of doctoral studies, in collaboration with the Vice-rector responsible for this cycle and the university faculties. The Institute guarantees the unity of the doctoral studies, deters from their field fragmentation, ensures an adequate framework to the interdisciplinary approach of the doctoral studies and facilitates communication between faculties. The Institute for Doctoral Studies is directed by a Council comprised of nationally and internationally acknowledged academics, who are doctoral supervisors at Babeş-Bolyai University. The members of the Council are approved by the Senate of Babeş-Bolyai University. One of the Council members is appointed the Director of the Institute for Doctoral Studies. The administrative activities connected with the doctoral programmes at Babeş-Bolyai University and with planned actions of the Institute for Doctoral Studies are performed by its Secretariat.

The Council of the Institute for Doctoral Studies
1 Acad. Prof. univ. dr. Ioan BUCUR head of CSUD
2 Prof. univ. dr. Laurențiu – Călin BACIU (field of doctoral studies Environmental Sciences)
3 Prof. univ. dr. Delia – Cristina BĂLAȘ (field of doctoral studies Communication Science)
4  Conf. univ. dr. Călin Gabriel TĂMAȘ  (field of doctoral studies Geology)
5 Prof. univ. dr. Anca DOBREAN (field of doctoral studies Psychology)
6 Prof. univ. dr. Emese EGYED (field of doctoral studies Philology)
7 Prof. univ. dr. Rudolf GRÄF (field of doctoral studies History)
8 Prof. univ. dr. Emilia – Florina GROSU (field of doctoral studies Sport and Physical Education Science)
9 Prof. univ. dr. Adrian – Liviu IVAN (field of doctoral studies International Relations and European Studies)
10 Prof. univ. dr. Alexandru KRISTÁLY (field of doctoral studies Mathematics)
11 Prof. univ. dr. Răzvan – Liviu NISTOR (field of doctoral studies Management)
12 Prof. univ. dr. Cristian – Sorin SILVESTRU (field of doctoral studies Chemistry)
13 Prof. univ. dr. Carol VERESS (field of doctoral studies Philosophy)
14 Student-doctorand Gabriela – Victoria HARPA (field of doctoral studies Geography)
15 Student-doctorand Maria – Daniela STANCIU (field of doctoral studies History)
16 Student-doctorand Florina – Diana SECARĂ (field of doctoral studies International Relations and European Studies)
17 Student-doctorand Vlad – Alexandru TOMA (field of doctoral studies Biology)


Secretariate of the Institute for Doctoral Studies
Chief Secretary: Simona STANCIU simona.stanciu@ubbcluj.ro
Secretaries:  Mihaela TOPAN mihaela.topan@ubbcluj.ro
Gabriela TIMIȘ gabriela.timis@ubbcluj.ro
Ferenc PALL-SZABO pallszabo.ferenc@ubbcluj.ro
Daria Mihaela AVRAM (căs. COMAN) daria.coman@ubbcluj.ro
Dacia Oana RUS oana.rus@ubbcluj.ro
Cosmina Marina CIOBANU cosmina.ciobanu@ubbcluj.ro
Ioana TALOȘ talos.ioana@ubbcluj.ro
Data analyst: Agnes PALL-SZABO pallszabo.agnes@ubbcluj.ro
Habilitation: Aurel TODORUȚ aurel.todorut@ubbcluj.ro