Tuition fees for tuition-paying doctoral students

Citizens of Romania, European Union, European Economic Area, Swiss Confederation pay the annual tuition fee, and the public defense fee at the Secretariate of the faculty they belong to. All information regarding the payment procedure is to be found at the previously mentioned Secretariate. Following each payment, a copy of the payment receipt is to be submitted to the Institute for Doctoral Studies by the doctoral students.


  1. The fees for the academic year 2022-2023 are established by the UBB Senate Decision no.  17/18.02.2022
  2. The annual tuition fees can be paid in full or at the most in 4 installments, as follows:
    • at least 25% of the annual fee to be paid no later than October 15;
    • at least 50% of the annual fee to be paid no later than December 5;
    • at least 75% of the annual fee to be paid no later than March 15;
    • the entire annual fee to be paid no later than May 15.
  3.  10% tax reduction is granted to the doctoral student citizen of Romania, European Economic Area or from the Swiss Confederation, if the annual tuition fee is paid in full no later than October 15.
  4. The faculties can grant to doctoral students employed by the Babeş-Bolyai University a reduction of no more than 50% of the annual tuition fee, based on the written requests of these students, requests submitted to the faculties. An additional act to the labour contract will be signed, for a continuation of employment for three years from the date of the public defense of the thesis.
  5. Full time tuition-paying doctoral students coming from non-EU countries, as well as those coming from countries which do not belong to the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation pay, each year of study, the monthly fees decided by the Babeş-Bolyai University Senate, throughout the entire 9-month academic year, including the practice periods stipulated in the curricula, in this case, for 10 months.
  6. Regardless of the enrollment year, the doctoral students presently on a tuition-paying position, including those in extension or continuation of studies, will pay the public defense fee corresponding to the academic year they defend the thesis in.
  7. The doctoral student in extension or continuation of studies will pay the fees for the extension months only, including the month of the public defense. The monthly fee represents 1/12 of the stipulated annual tuition fee.
  8. The tuition fees do not cover the room and board costs.