Seventeenth International Conference on Economy and Business – 20th and 24th August 2018 – Elenite, Bulgaria

I am pleased to invite you to participate in the seventeenth International Conference on Economy and Business, to be held between 20th and 24th August 2018 in Elenite, Bulgaria.

The event is organized jointly by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, Science & Education Foundation, VUZF University (Bulgaria), Faculty of Economy and Business Administration of University of Craiova (Romania), Faculty of Military Leadership of University of Defence (Czech Republic), Institute of Philosophy and Social and Political Studies (Russia).

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together researchers and scientists with interests in economics, banking, finance, statistics, business and management to address recent research results and to present and discuss their ideas, theories, technologies, systems, tools, applications, work in progress and experiences.

Representatives of 52 universities, institutes and other organizations from 30 countries took part in the previous edition of the conference in 2017.

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